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ICBC resumes enhanced road assessments, motorcycle, recreational trailer and passenger vehicle road

Starting July 7, ICBC will be resuming Enhanced Road Assessments, motorcycle and recreational trailer road tests. Customers can book an appointment from today by calling our Driver Licensing customer contact centre at 1-800-950-1498 or 250-978-8300. Motorcycle road tests can also be booked online on We ask customers for their patience as we anticipate high call volumes. We’ll be contacting customers whose Enhanced Road Assessments, motorcycle and recreational trailer road tests were cancelled between March 17 and 30 to prioritize their appointment. RoadSafetyBC will be sending customers who qualify for an Enhanced Road Assessment appointment a letter which include those who had their appointment cancelled because of the pandemic. As previously announced with the resumption of commercial road testing, our driver examiners are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) for the duration of road tests and have access to a combination of equipment including masks, shields, goggles, gloves and disposable seat covers. We also provide mandatory medical grade masks for our customers to wear during their road test. For motorcycle road tests, riders are not required to wear a mask due to the nature of the test but are required to wear the safety vest, which is sanitized after each use.  Conducting motorcycle tests now allows us to reduce the current backlog, which will free up more road test spaces and allows us to secure more PPE as we prepare for the restart of passenger vehicle testing. In addition, conducting motorcycle tests during summer months reduces the likelihood of cancelled tests due to weather. As a reminder, we ask that customers arrive 15 minutes before their road test appointment and

  • ensure they have the required identification

  • be prepared for health screening questions

  • ensure the interior of their vehicle is clean, and

  • maintain physical distance of 2 metres (6 feet) from ICBC representatives when possible.

We will continue with a phased approach of increasing the in-person driver licensing services we provide, while maintaining health and safety a top priority. Priority testing for essential health care workers and first responders Starting today, essential health care workers and first responders who require a licence for their job can call our Driver Licensing customer contact centre to book a priority road test appointment. These road tests will begin on July 20. Rescheduling of cancelled Class 5 and 7 road tests ICBC Customers — and schools who booked on behalf of their students — that had a Class 5 or 7 road test cancelled between March 17 and March 30 will be contacted to reschedule their appointment. We’ll be calling these customers and schools starting today, and these road tests will begin on July 20. Following this first grouping, we’ll then be prioritizing the re-booking of customers who had road tests cancelled after March 30. It is expected that these customers will be able to re-book through the month of August. More details on the timing for new road test bookings will be provided in the following weeks. We know there is a significant demand for road tests with a backlog of customers whose road tests were cancelled. We’re looking at a number of things, including our resourcing, hours of operation and conducting road testing at other ICBC facilities. To manage the demand and volume of customers in an office at any given time, ICBC is also looking to move to an appointment system for in-office visits, including driver licence renewals. We are not offering standby appointments at this time. More information will be provided when plans are finalized.

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