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Global Driving Academy and the Award

Global Driving Academy

Global Driving Academy is the Consumer Choice Award winner in the driving school company category in Vancouver. The company with a mission to provide the greatest possible training in road safety has been chosen as the favorite of consumers in the region.

Consumer Choice Award has been celebrating business excellence in Canada for over thirty years. Unlike other honors in the industry, consumers themselves select winners across categories through a voting process overseen by some of the most respected market research agencies in North America.

Global Driving Academy has been providing top-notch driving lessons in Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Burnaby. The Academy believes that conventional methods of instruction are no longer the best strategy to train drivers to assess risks.

For Global Driving Academy, coaching is different from instructing. The traditional methods rely on instructions where the instructor would merely communicate all the instructions and directions to the students without using any illustrative instruments.

The Academy uses an innovative coaching method to make driving both a pleasurable and learning experience for its students. This technique enables students to predict situations on the road and develop a hazard perception attitude. Then it equips them to employ tools to better navigate those situations.

Global Driving Academy strives to empower its students with a high degree of confidence and safety awareness. This helps them better manage unsafe scenarios that may come up while driving. Superior to the conventional method of instructions, these techniques ensure that students of the Academy can quickly and easily get their driver’s license.

But merely helping students get their driver’s license isn’t the firm’s objective. Global Driving Academy is committed to training students to become efficient, safe, risk-averse drivers. Through its innovative training methods, the Academy wants to improve the safety of everyone on the road.

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