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Why our driving lessons are 90 minutes not One Hour?

Many people wonder why Global Driving Academy decided to offer 90 minutes driving classes rather than one hour. We have put together a compelling series of discussions in support of the Academy's ideology:

1. Spend less time traveling to a location that is appropriate for your driving ability.

A student with no driving experience will need to be taken to a quite, safe, and less traffic area to be able to get behind the wheel safely. Usually this drive takes around 20 minutes to 30 minutes back and forth, so the student will get about an hour of full training versus 20 to 30 minutes in the one hour lesson. This might be necessary for the first 6 hours of learning:

  • Wasting time for Six One hour lessons will be 20mins * 6 lessons = 120 mins transport time.

  • Wasting time for Four One and Half lessons will be 20 * 4 lessons = 80 mins transport time.

2. More time was spent mastering a new skill, resulting in greater progress each lesson

60 minutes, is normally not sufficient opportunity to have the option to bring and try a new ability and skill, while during the 90 minutes driving lesson, something new can be presented, examined and rehearsed to a moment that you would now be able to experiment.

3. Be prepared to do the road test significantly quicker

If the student take two lessons a week that is a three hours of practicing in the 90 minutes lesson while it is a two hours only in 60 minutes one.

Assuming that the student needs 60 hours of training to be prepared to do the road test then 20 weeks will be expected to complete the entire preparing while 30 weeks is needed to wrap up during the one hour driving example.

4. Expands muscle memory

Muscle memory happens when you practice a skill over and over.

Student must be able to use move the steering wheel, doing signals, and use the pedals without even think about the position of these controllers. The more practice the more muscle memory is assemble

5. Highest price / performance ratio (better value for money)

Taking 90 minutes of driving lessons as described above will give you a more hands-on driving experience so, 4 x 60 minutes of driving lessons will cover the same amount of driving experience you will get with 2 x 90 minutes of driving. Therefore, a 90 minute driving lesson is much better worth the money.

6. A wide variety of roads

More time during the lesson means more variety of roads can be explored during the driving lesson in the road test area.

7. Various traffic conditions

With a 90 minutes driving lesson, you are more likely to experience different traffic conditions. In a road test, usually the test route challenges the examinee driver to the changing roads and traffic conditions as much as possible.

Experience in a variety of traffic conditions, especially the routes used in a road test, will greatly increase the student's chances of passing.



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