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Through an equal partnership between student and coach, coaching is a student-centered technique that integrates body, mind, and emotions to promote inner and outer awareness and responsibility.
"HERMES 2010" is the title of the exhibition.
Placement of the student at the center of the learning process is what student focused and coaching is all about.
We think that our students are the center of the driving lesson, so the teaching environment is personalized to meet their needs in an effective manner so that they can enhance their driving abilities through coaching rather than simply educating and giving directions.

Parental Engagement

Parental involvement is critical for a student's success.
Because most provinces require teenage drivers under the age of 17 to complete driver education, incorporating parent involvement into driver education may be an effective strategy to teach and instruct parents about teen driver safety.
We acknowledge the value of parental engagement at Global Driving Academy.
We encourage parents to participate by providing coaching advice and having coach feedback sessions following each lesson.
Parents are encouraged to sit in the back seat and take notes, ask questions, and observe their children.
This allows parents to reinforce the teaching between courses and help their youngster get more experience.

Practice with parents or friends (supervised on road practice) is a crucial part of learning to drive. ICBC recommended a minimum of 60 hours driving experience before booking for the road test. 

Pickup and Drop off locations

We can provide pick-up and drop-off service from the student's house or any other location within a 20-minute driving distance of the training area.
The 90-minute driving lesson includes pick-up and drop-off time.
The driving lesson begins at the pick-up point and ends at the drop-off point.


Multiple payment options

You can choose from one of the following methods to pay for your driving lessons:

  • Use our website to make a payment.

  • By sending an E-transfer to and there is no password required.

Multiple Ways to book you driving lessons

You can book your driving lessons through one of the following options:

  • By phone through calling or texting 778-554-7740

  • By E-mail through sending an email to

  • By chatting through the chat-box at our website

Why our driving lessons are 90 minutes instead of one hour

Please to the following blog link to check the reason behind our philosophy of choosing 90 minutes lessons instead of One hour.

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