Global Driving Academy Advantages


Coaching is a student centered approach that engages body, mind, and emotions to develop inner and outer awareness and responsibility through an equal relationship between student and coach. "HERMES 2010"

Student centered and coaching is about placing the student at the center of the learning process.

At Global driving academy, we believe that our students are the center of the driving lesson so the teaching environment is tailored to cover their needs in efficient way so they can improve their driving skills through coaching not simple instructing and giving directions.

Parental Engagement

Parental engagement is important to the student's success. Because young drivers in most provinces must take driver education to enter the licensing process prior to age 17, integrating parent involvement into driver education may be an effective way to inform and instruct parents about teen driver safety.

At Global Driving Academy, we recognize the importance of parental involvement. We help parents contribute  by sharing coaching tips and holding coach feedback sessions after every lesson.

We encourage parents to ride in the back seat and take notes, ask questions and observe. This way parents can reinforce the training between lessons and increase the experience their teen gains.

Practice with parents or friends (supervised on road practice) is a crucial part of learning to drive. ICBC recommended a minimum of 60 hours driving experience before booking for the road test. 

Pick up and Drop off locations

We are committed to provide the best service. This includes providing students with a gratis home and school pick-up and drop-off for all practical driving lessons.

Just schedule your lesson with the desired pick up and drop off locations, and a we will arrive in one of our brand new vehicle's to do the lesson, and finish at the scheduled location.

Coach will ask permission from parents if the student ask to drop-off at different location other than school or home (within the training area).

Lesson Time

The driving time through the lesson is minimum 85 minutes per one hour and a half so we make sure that the student get the maximum driving time behind the wheel.

Certified Coach Theoretical and Practical (GLP and GLT certified Coach)

Our coaches are certified to teach driving theoretical and practical so the student will get both sides information blended together in each behind the wheel lesson.

Multiple payment options

You can pay your driving lessons plan through one of the following options:

  • Pay Online through our website

  • By doing E-transfer to and there is no password required.

Multiple Ways to book you driving lessons

You can book your driving lessons through one of the following options:

  • By phone through calling or texting 778-554-7740

  • By E-mail through sending an email to

  • By chatting through the chat-box at our website